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Dark Operations Fighting Knives produce some of the finest tactical fighting knives on the market today.

These knives have been manufactured from a proprietary hybrid alloy of Chromium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium and Molybdenum with surgical grade stainless steel.

The act of taking them off is a sign that somebody's about to get scrutinised by the badass, usually just prior to an asskicking.

Obligatory for a Cyber Punk setting, or for intimidating Deep South Lawmen. The opposite of Nerd Glasses, and the inverse of The Glasses Come Off.

The focus of the series shifted from the brothers and onto Rusty Venture, and as the theme of "failure" became the central element of the series, the episodes began to show what happens to boy adventurers as they grow up and discover that their 1960s childhood's promises of peace, love, and super science fail to materialise over the course of their own lives.

There is also The Monarch, Rusty Venture's longtime nemesis who transforms from lame joke villain based around butterflies to bad-ass super-villain; his quest to win back his girlfriend and get revenge against fellow villain Phantom Limb, who framed him for murder, catapults him into the spotlight in a number of episodes.

Notable for, out of all of [adult swim]'s original shows, coming the closest to making . Thirlwell (aka Foetus) does the soundtrack, which is awesome. There is a Character Sheet for the series, a detailed Episode Guide, a Wham Episode page, and a Best Episode Crowner.

Ontario Knife Company’s military knives frequently use an all-purpose design suitable for camp and field purposes and aren’t always restricted to military users.

One of their more popular products is a brand of kitchen cutlery you probably wouldn’t associate with OKC at all.

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