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If you then set Enable Callbacks=false on the grid, you will see that the problem occurrs.We set Enable Callbacks=false on our grids at the same time we upgraded so I assumed it was the upgrade that caused the issue, not the Enable Callbacks=false. ASPx Grid View loads the client state for all controls into the Edit Form between Page_Init and Page_Load event handlers - this is the base of the ASP. You bind the grid on Page_Load event handler, and the grid recreates editors in the Edit Form, but its state is not loaded.In the Row Updating event handler, it fetches the Category Name data to which the textbox is bound to. Try something the gridview is bound to in your case Product [email protected] Vijay : I agree that its bad idea to enable any Id to be editable, but before going to my module i just create one table containing Prod ID and prod Name.

Hi Rauelle, I'm sorry, but I was unable to reproduce this issue on my side. If not, please modify it and send it back to me, so I can reproduce this issue on my side.As a workaround I have changed the datasource for my grid to bind with the combo box's underlying value rather than the text value, although you should be able to use either. To overcome this issue, bind the grid on Page_Init event handler.Functionality like this should be consistent whetehr you have Enable Callbacks set to true or fasle. Please try this solution, and let us know if this helps.Thanks, Ruslan Hi Ruslan, Have you tried your suggested solution?I've just tried it and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I have Enable Callbacks=false and protected void Page_Init(object sender, Event Args e) I tried binding the grid in Page_Init event first and then again binding in both Page_Init and Page_Load and both still cause the text value to be returned and not the underlying value.

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