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😊 the number "1" on the barrel lug is the frame size of the gun and is correct for 12, 16 and 20 gauge guns. according to the parker gun collectors site, only about 5000 guns were produced with twist barrels out of about 268 thousand guns produced, and the 12 gauge on the number 1 frame in twist is a rare combination.Above or below the serial number on the water-table of the receiver should be a mark that tells the grade of the gun like this: Without the grade, a value estimate is hard but Twist barrels were used only on 1 and 0 quality guns a grade zero gun would be marked VH. You also did not mention condition at all, if the gun is still original or refinished, and what condition the gun is in now, that effects value a lot. The strange thing is it does not have a grade letter above serial #. Underneath barrel is 2 more patent dates June 25,1878 and April 11,1878. there is Parker Bros engraved on both side plates,in front of trigger guard there is another patent March 23,1873 or 1878/ HOW DO I ATTACH A PHOTO? to attach a photo you must register on the board to get a username and emal, then you will get an "attach photos" link above the submit button. silver shield on top of stock behind hammers, Parker Brothers and picture of dog with dove in mouth on the butt,on top of barrel says Parker Bros. When broken down there are 3 patent dates Apr.11,1876, Sep.3,1872,and Mar.16,1875. They produced shotguns for shooters of all walks of life.

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Parker Brother’s shotguns were often found in the field, and to this day, Parker collectors rarely let their shotguns sit in a safe.

Their shotguns were manufactured in a variety of grades that ranged from the affordable Trojan to the exquisite Invincible.

Parker shotguns have been used in the hands of ranchers, movie stars, and titans of industry.

your gun dates from 1884, during which they used serial numbers 38023 through 44687.

One presumes from the number that it dates from LATE 1884.

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