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Then a voice came, speaking to the men, who nodded and began descending the ladder. Our relationship took a beating.” But Smith’s conviction to the gospel was enough to confirm this was the right choice. I said to the lady that answered, ‘If nobody cares that I’m a missionary, I may as well go back home. So I am listening and my parents are saying, ‘Well it’s a great day today, son. ‘Son, we’re getting divorced.” Smith made it through his mission despite these challenges, however, and things started looking up for him when he got home.“I never understood that dream until I read about the Melchizedek priesthood and how Peter, James, and John came down and [restored it on earth],” Smith says. Already in his mid-20s, Smith had no plans to serve a mission, no funds, a fiancé, and ambitions to become an attorney. Nobody cares I’m here.’ She said, ‘Could you hold please? He dated and married a woman he met on his mission, began attending Western Michigan University Cooley Law School fulltime, and started a fulltime job to pay his way through school—a feat unheard of for those in rigorous law programs.Though Smith told them they were unwanted, the elders offered to give Smith a blessing.

Smith poignantly recalls the exact day—November 11, 1989—when he lost his testimony in the Church. He taught classes in other churches demonstrating why the LDS Church was false and deceptive. Even as an active anti-Mormon, however, Smith’s connection to the Church never fully disappeared.

Smith gave a brief overview of the last quarter-century of his life and his unexpected journey of finding the Church, losing his testimony, actively fighting against the Church, and then reconverting to the gospel once more. I figured you’re a busy man.’ And he said, ‘I want to hear your whole story.’”With a Catholic grandfather, a Baptist Grandmother, and a Lutheran mother, Dusty Smith couldn’t help but believe in God.

However, growing up attending three churches that preached significantly different beliefs left Smith confused about who that God was.

Thirty-seven years later that still brings tears to my eyes. That’s when a book fell off the shelf in his room, one he’d never seen before: The Book of Mormon.

I still see that little girl.”Smith couldn’t make sense of how a “beautiful, smart girl with the whole world in front of her” was dead and mass murderers like Ted Bundy could still be alive. He later found out that it had been given to his mother while she was on a trip to Salt Lake City, and she had stored it untouched in his room.“I happened to open the book up to 3 Nephi, and I read [about Jesus Christ’s visit to the Americas] and I went, ‘Whoa, so He visited here? Smith was so impressed by what he read that he went straight to the phone book to look up The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That meant nothing to me, but it was lunch time, so I called the stake,” Smith recalls with a laugh.

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