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Your baby is starting to recognise the distinctive sound of your voice.You and your partner can build on this familiarity by singing him lullabies and talking to him regularly while he’s in the womb (uterus).Limited, as an attempt to correct the colonial bias of children’s literature in India.The comics were modelled on the British and American Classics Illustrated series, which mostly adapted works of fiction into comics, with a preference for the adventure tale and the exotic.

No necesitas ser un punker con cresta, ni un activista de izquierdas y mucho menos tener una Harley.

Straining to poo can sometimes cause piles or anal fissures, which can add to your discomfort.

If you have any bleeding from your bottom, mention it to your midwife at your next appointment, or see your GP.

Even as they collected stories from ancient sources, adapted the various tales, legends and dramas played upon great individuals as role models, according to the established pedagogical tradition of children’s literature in India, as much as the hagiographical model prevalent in pre-modern and early modern contexts to describe the lives of saints.

The individual biography was also useful in terms of addressing a primarily English speaking upper caste, middle class child audience, for whom the bourgeois individual was the standard.

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